Tickbox talents have a wealth of experience and guarantee the highest level of professionalism. We are picky about who we choose to promote as part of the Tickbox team, so you will only find the best in the business listed on our website.
We run a personal agency that is invested in supporting and advancing the careers of our performers, whilst satisfying clients around the world.
Many of our performers are multi-disciplined and very flexible with their performances. If you’re hoping for more of a variety show, perhaps on a smaller budget, we have many talents that can fulfil your expectations.


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Fun Fortune Teller
Genius Football Juggler
Hoop Skills Workshop
Interactive Children's Show
Meerkats Abroad
Mirror Man Boogie
Circus Skills Workshop
Stilt Drummers
Blue Belles
Stilt Cricketers
Laser Sax
William Shakespeare Statue
Meet the Dinosaur
Snow Whites
Bollywood Violinist
Neostar Light LED Show
Belles of the Ball
Heavenly Heights
Cocktail Making Hand Balancer
Blighty Beauts
Dragon and Master
Those Magnificent Men
Contact Juggler
Emerald Story Fire Show
Hula Hoop Street Show
Comedy Street Show
Spooky Stilts
Tap Dancing Turkeys
Sea Heroes
Royalty at Sea
Any Witch Way
Aerial Hoop
Hand Balancer
Man in a Football
David Beckham Lookalike
Dancing Football Duo
Comedy Clown Burlesque
Football Freestyler
Giant Santa
Big Top
Aerial Straps
Juggling Comedy Duo
No Brainers
The Assistant Referees
Football Trick Star
Love Bells
Solo CYR Wheel
Man in a Box
LED Pixel Warriors
Dazzling Dragons
Toy Soldier Statue
Cubox LED Show
Silhouette Artist
Contortionist/ Breakdancer
Proper Football
The Inflate-a-Belles
Mighty Monochromes
Duo CYR Wheel
Comedy Juggling & Yoyo
Baba Yaga's House
Bubble Spheres
Fairly Fresh Fish
Gothic Heights
Aerial Sphere
Big City Lights Fire Show
Cube Manipulation
Football Stilts
Freddie Mercury Impersonator
The Dodo
Foot-Ball Juggler
Comedy Reverse Striptease
LED Mirror Show
One Man Circus
Epic Wings
Close-Up & Stage Magician
Winter Wonders
Halloween Highs
Farmer Giles
The Mummies
Street Entertainment
Frolicking Flowers
Easy Lay Eggs
Human Balloon Show
Jurgen Klopp Lookalike
Dual Freestyling
Sporty Statues
Edible Tattoo Walkabout
Baby Dinosaur
Mind Readers
Colourful Donuts
Shadow Show/3D Shadow Show
Aerial Violinist
Tanoura Dancer
Pole Dancer
Mind-blowing Manipulation!
LED Drummers
Flag Dancers
Ribbon Dancers
Giant Pandas
Juggling Stage Performance
Segway Drummers
Lobster and Cart
Drumming Cheer
Duo Acrobatic Act
Fairy Lights
Golden Fairy Tale Fire Show
High Spies
Easter Bunny & Mad Hatter
Red Hot Fire Show
Juggling Chefs
Bjorn the Polar Bear
Vintage Singer
A.I Robot
Foot Juggler
LED Hula Hooper
Double Trouble Tennis
Recycled Music Show
Leggy Birds
Neon LED Show
Tree of Life
LED Jugglers
Phileas Fogg
Policeman Statue
Stilt Walking Violinist
Highest Carat Gold
Norvil and Josephine